Buiseiness mission

Management Vision

  • Aim to become a world-class company in manufacturing /developing oral care products.
  • Develop plastic products that are advanced a step ahead, and become a company that surprises and inspires customers.

Management Concept

Realize employees' growth and happiness through creating things, and continue to challenge the market needs.

Corporate Mission

Provide products valuable for life and contribute to people's health and welfare.

Guidelines for Action

一.Rigorously maintain an attitude of thoroughly thinking and achieving objectives
一.Do not follow a mere desk theory but actually go to a site, see things with one's own eyes and understand what the situation really is
一.Work not as an individual but as a group/team
一.Be aware of speed and deal with customers in the fastest way
一.Act in a humble manner with a feeling of gratitude in mind
一.Meet all people with consideration and love
一.Create an environment of mutual respect in which staff can display their abilities
一.Be confident and initiate actions by yourself
一.Progress comes after a difficult task, so overcome adversity
一.Change yourself before you demand others change
一.Cheerful, enjoyable, vigorous and powerful