History, organization and network
1928 Aug Established “Yamato-Shokai” in Yao, Osaka; started toothbrush production.
1950 May Received honorable factory award.
1956 Mar Established Yamato-Esulon Co., Ltd. through three investing companies: Yamato Kosan, Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd., and Shiseido Co., Ltd..
1962 Apr Constructed Osaka factory and started production of vacuum formed products.
1970 Sep Constructed Kanto factory in Sano city, Tochigi.  Started marketing in Tokyo area.
1971 Jan Enlargement of Osaka factory to have a general plastic production facility.
1972 Nov erged Yamato Brush Co., Ltd. and Yamato-Esulon Co. ,Ltd., and became a company capitalized at 65 million yen.
1976 May Constructed Fukuoka factory in Koga city, Fukuoka.
1977 Oct Reached capital of 100 million yen through House Foods Corporation, Kao Co., Ltd. and Kurihara Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1978 Apr Enlargement of Kanto factory made us a manufacturer of all plastics items.
1986 Mar Introduced Multi-Layer Extrusion machine in Kanto factory.
1988 Jan Built computer-aided auto warehouse in Kanto factory.
1988 Aug 60th anniversary
1989 Apr Constructed Shizuoka factory in Fukuroi city, Shizuoka.
1989 Sep Established Taiwan Yamato-Esulon Co., Ltd.
1991 Mar Established Yamato-Esulon (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
1992 Sep Enlargement of Osaka factory to have a main toothbrush production base.
1994 Jun Completed first phase of  Yamato-Esulon(Thailand)
1996 Jun Completed second phase of Yamato-Esulon (Thailand), and started production.
1998 Aug 70th anniversary
1999 Oct Acquired ISO 9001 certification (Head Office)
2000 Aug Started production at Yamato-pack
2003 Mar Built third factory in Yamato-Esulon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in order to expand production
2004 Mar Acquired ISO 9001 certification, Yamato-Esulon(Thailand)
2005 Jan Acquired ISO 14001 certification, Yamato-Esulon(Thailand)
2005 Jan Established Yamato-Esulon (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
2005 Jan Expanded mixing and filling business  of  Yamato-Esulon(Thailand)
2007 Dec Acquired the certificate to produce and sell cosmetics and quasi-drugs
2008 Aug 80th anniversary
2009 Sep 20th anniversary, Taiwan Yamato-Esulon Co., Ltd.
2011 Mar 20th anniversary, Yamato-Esulon(Thailand)Co., Ltd.
2012 Dec Introduced 3D printer
2013 Dec Acquired ISO 9001 certification, Taiwan Yamato-Esulon
2014 Dec Closed Honsha Factory and integrated in the other factory
2015 Mar Moved location of the head office
2015 Aug Built fourth factory in Yamato-Esulon (Thailand) Co., Ltd.