Corporate Information



Supporting people’s lives 365 days a year to create our future

We have more than 90 years of history in making toothbrushes, which are indispensable for daily oral care, and that has secured our status as the No. 1 company in Japan in regards to OEM for oral care products such as interdental brushes, dental floss and tongue brushes.

Providing many other top-share products, such as curry containers and hair care products, we have a great social responsibility to “support people’s health and livelihoods 365 days a year.” Based on the idea of “manufacturing is developing people,” our company and employees keep taking on difficult challenges and continue to grow.

Additionally, in order to contribute to people’s health, which is our corporate mission, we have formulated the Declaration of Health and Productivity Management and are creating an environment where all employees can work in good physical and mental health. With an attitude toward creating new values, we will always do our best and aim to be a company trusted by society through our CSR activities.