CSR Initiatives

Friendly to people, friendly to the earth

Friendly to people, friendly to the earth

To maintain our physical health, we need healthy teeth to eat.
Once lost, a tooth will never regenerate, and the same applies to the global environment.
We must value limited resources and continue with our business activities taking into consideration society and the environment.
Under the common slogan of “Friendly to people, friendly to the earth,” we will advance initiatives to address many social issues and protect the environment.

CSR policy, philosophy, and promotion system

Looking to, thinking about, and creating the future

Social contribution
Making people happy with oral care

Each employee engages in social contribution activities compassionately.

Respect for human rights
Creating a comfortable workplace

We accept human diversity, value people, and conduct business activities in a free and impartial manner without discrimination.

Supply chain

We will strengthen cooperation with our suppliers and promote CSR initiatives.

Corporate governance

All employees carry out business activities to a high ethical standard so we can earn trust.

CSR Reports (download list)

You can download and read our CSR Reports.