Looking to, thinking about, and creating the future

Product Information

Comprehensive strength to meet all kinds of needs

Since the start of toothbrush manufacturing in 1928, the Yamato-Esulon Group has had a history of over 90 years as a comprehensive plastic manufacturer focused on oral care products.

Based on the founding spirit of “nurturing human resources with respect for humanity” and “looking to, thinking about, and creating the future,” our efforts in developing new technologies and new products that contribute to improving quality of life—with a focus on “making good products”—have built confidence and trust among our clients.

Helping make people healthy and happy with oral care

Meeting diverse needs now and in the future

Injection-molded products

Outstanding ideas and technologies supporting society and people’s lives

Blow-molded products(bottles)

Cutting-edge facilities and pursuit of further streamlined and labor-saving production

Plastic bags(welded products)​

Meeting the needs of the times with a global production system and environmental suitability

Filling goods(OEM cosmetics/air-fresheners)

A comprehensive plastic manufacturer’s think tank that supports application in a broad range of industries

OEM oral care products(OEM toothbrushes)

No. 1 toothbrush OEM

Eco-friendly products

An integrated production system of plastic manufacturing technology and new technologies

ORCOA Co., Ltd.

A PCR testing device for easy measurement of Porphyromonas gingivalis (P.g.), which causes periodontal diseases