Corporate Information

Corporate Conduct Charter

Corporate Conduct Charter

Business activities with a strong sense of ethics

1.Compliance with laws and regulations, and norms

  • We (the Yamato-Esulon group and its officers and employees) will comply with various laws and regulations, social norms, and in-company rules, act in accordance with social common sense, and perform our business activities with a strong sense of ethics.
  • We will endeavor to act with good sense in the market, comply with the related laws and regulations, and conduct fair, transparent and free transactions.

2.Respect for human rights

  • We will respect each individual’s personality and character, and will not conduct, nor permit any person to conduct, any discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, creed, nationality, physical conditions, or any other grounds.
  • We will not permit any remark or act leading to moral harassment, such as acts contrary to public order or morality, sexual harassment, and power harassment.

3.Labor practices

  • We will prohibit child labor/forced labor, endeavor to maintain/improve a healthy and safe working environment, pay a wage not less than the minimum wage to our employees, and comply with the laws and regulations related to the working hours and basic labor rights, such as the right to organize.

4.Sound corporate activities

  • We will, in good faith, contact related customers (whether corporation or individual) in our business activities, and maintain a moderate, sound and good relationship with them, and will not conduct any transaction with them involving any unreasonable demand or provision of convenience. Furthermore, we will not give or receive excessive gifts or entertainment.
  • We will take a firm attitude to anti-social forces, and will not give any profit to such forces whatever name they go by.

5.Environmental conservation

  • We will maintain a positive attitude to environmental conservation through our business activities, and contribute to the development of a sustainable society, in which humans and the earth co-exist, via the conservation of biodiversity, the control of greenhouse gases, resource saving/recycling, prevention of environmental pollution, etc.

6.Appropriate handling of information

  • We will understand the content of the information management rules, the Personal Information Protection Act, etc., and will appropriately handle the information in accordance with the letter and the spirit of the rules. This Corporate Conduct Charter is presented in writing to our vendors for their understanding and cooperation.