Corporate Information

Corporate Mission

Corporate Mission

Our role and our mission to fulfill

Purpose (reason for existence)

  • Supporting people’s lives 365 days a year

Management vision

  • Aim to become a world-class company in manufacturing/developing oral care products
  • Develop plastic products that are one step ahead of the competition, and become a company that surprises and inspires customers

Management philosophy

  • Realize employees’ growth and happiness through manufacturing, and continue to take on challenges to meet market needs

YAMATO-ESULON Co., Ltd. Management philosophy

Corporate mission

  • Provide products valuable for life and contribute to people’s health and livelihoods

Guidelines for action

  • Rigorously maintain an attitude of thoroughly thinking and achieving objectives
    Strength to carry through and enthusiasm 
  • Do not follow a mere desk theory but actually go to a site, see things with your own eyes and understand what the situation really is
    All-hands Sangen, or the “three actuals” principle (actual place, actual thing, and actual situation) 
  • Work not as an individual but as a group/team
    Information sharing and visualization of actions 
  • Be aware of speed and deal with customers in the fastest way
    Means to get ahead of competitors 
  • Act in a humble manner with a feeling of gratitude in mind
    Gratitude and humbleness 
  • Meet all people with consideration and love
    Rich spirit 
  • Create an environment of mutual respect in which everyone can display their abilities
    Nurturing spiritually rich people 
  • Be confident and initiate actions by yourself
  • Progress comes after a difficult task, so overcome adversity
    Willingness to take on new challenges 
  • Change yourself before you demand others change
    Blame yourself, not others 
  • Be cheerful, enjoyable, vigorous and powerful
    Creating a vigorous and robust workplace