Corporate Information



Aug 1928

Established Yamato-Shokai (Yamato Brush Co., Ltd.) in Yao City, Osaka; started toothbrush production.

May 1950

Had the honor of the visit of Prince Takamatsu, received honorable factory award.

Mar 1956

Established Yamato-Esulon Co., Ltd. through joint investment of: Yamato Kosan, Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd., and Shiseido Co., Ltd.

Nov 1956

Started production of Honey-cake soap containers for Shiseido.

Apr 1962

Constructed Osaka Factory (now Main Factory) and started production of vacuum formed products.

Aug 1963

Started production of Vermont Curry containers for House Foods Corporation.

Oct 1968

Started production of Kao Halo Toothbrushes.

Sep 1970

Constructed Kanto Factory in Sano City, Tochigi and started marketing in Tokyo and Kanto areas.

Jan 1971

Enlarged Osaka Factory to have a modern comprehensive plastic production facility.

May 1976

Constructed Fukuoka Factory in Koga City, Fukuoka, and started marketing in Kyushu area.

Oct 1977

With the capital participation of House Foods Corporation and Kao Co., Ltd., capital increased to 100 million yen.

Apr 1978

Enlargement of Kanto Factory enabled manufacturing of all kinds of plastic products as a modern comprehensive plastic factory. Marked the 50th anniversary in August of the same year.

Mar 1986

Introduced 5-type 7-layer extrusion molding equipment to our original specifications in Building E at Kanto Factory and started production.

Apr 1989

Constructed Shizuoka Factory in Fukuroi City, Shizuoka, and started production as a super-modern plastic factory.

Sep 1989

Established Taiwan Yamato-Esulon Co., Ltd.

Mar 1991

Established Yamato-Esulon (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sep 1992

Completed new building construction, enlargement, and renovation of Osaka Factory to be equipped with the latest technology for toothbrushes. Acquired ISO 9001 certification in October 1999.

Mar 2003

Built and started operation of third factory in Yamato-Esulon (Thailand) next to the existing factories (1st and 2nd) in order to meet increasing production volume.


Yamato-Esulon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. acquired ISO 9001 certification.

Jan 2005

Yamato-Esulon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. acquired ISO 14001 certification.

Established Yamato-Esulon (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Dec 2007

Acquired a license to produce and sell cosmetics and quasi-drugs.

Aug 2008

Marked the 80th anniversary.

Sep 2009

Taiwan Yamato-Esulon Co., Ltd. marked its 20th anniversary.

Mar 2011

Yamato-Esulon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. marked its 20th anniversary.

Dec 2014

Closed our factory, which shared the same site as our Head Office, and integrated its production facilities into other factories in Japan.

Mar 2015

Relocated head office.

Mar​ 2015

Established Research and Development Center (in Osaka Factory).

Built and started operation of the fourth factory in Yamato-Esulon (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sep 2016

Closed Yamato-Esulon (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Aug 2018

Marked the 90th anniversary.

Built and started operation of the second factory in Shizuoka Factory.

Apr 2019

Established Orcoa Co., Ltd.

Aug 2019

Installed solar panels in the first factory of Shizuoka Factory.

Feb 2021

Installed solar panels in the second factory of Shizuoka Factory.

Sep 2021

Closed Taiwan Yamato-Esulon Co., Ltd.