CSR Initiatives

Supply chain

Supply chain

We will strengthen cooperation with our suppliers
and promote CSR initiatives.

In the global supply chain, we will strengthen cooperation with suppliers and promote CSR initiatives.

Procurement policy

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations:
    We will comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and social norms.

  2. Fair and impartial transactions:
    We will be fair, impartial, and sincere in our transactions.

  3. CSR procurement:
    We will engage in procurement operations in accordance with our CSR Code of Conduct.

  4. Partnerships:
    We will strive to deepen mutual understanding and build relationships of trust with our business partners.

Supply chain CSR guidelines for action

  1. Respect the human rights of employees and do not engage in inhumane acts.

  2. Do not use forced labor or child labor against employees in violation of laws and regulations.

  3. Do not discriminate in employment on the basis of gender, race, religion, etc., or engage in any type of harassment.

  4. Observe legal minimum wages and properly manage the working hours and days off of employees.

  5. Strive to provide employees with a safe, hygienic and healthy working environment.

  6. Ensure the quality and safety of products and services.

  7. Give consideration to the impact on local communities, biodiversity, and environmental pollution in our business activities.

  8. Comply with laws, regulations and international rules, and ensure fair trade and anti-corruption.

  9. Appropriately manage confidential and personal information.