CSR Initiatives

Corporate governance Compliance

Corporate governance

All employees carry out business activities to a high ethical standard so we can earn trust.

We are working to improve management efficiency, practice agile decision-making, and establish corporate ethics, putting in place a system to ensure appropriate corporate activities. With compliance positioned as the highest priority issue, all our employees carry out business activities with high ethical standards that can earn trust.

Corporate governance system

Compliance basic policy

  1. Appropriate disclosure of management information
  2. Legitimate and appropriate transactions with business partners. Strict observance of contracts
  3. Appropriate management of confidential and personal information
  4. Elimination of relationships with antisocial forces
  5. Realization of a comfortable workplace
  6. Respect for human rights

Establishment of Compliance Committee

We have set up a Compliance Committee to build, maintain, and manage our compliance system. We will build a framework to incorporate the opinions of employees and collect opinions from outside experts, as appropriate, aiming for speedy decision-making and sound business management.

Setting up hotlines

We have established and informed employees of a consultation service for employees who have found non-compliance, such as violations of laws and regulations or fraudulent activities, as well as a consultation service for harassment and mental health.

Compliance training

We provide employees with compliance training (study sessions, etc.). Our focus is also put on the dissemination of the Yamato-Esulon guidelines for action to nurture human resources with high ethical standards as well as active participation in social contribution activities.