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Plastic bags
(welded products)

Plastic bags (welded products)

Meeting the needs of the times with a global production system and environmental suitability

We have always been actively engaged in recycling and the effective use of resources and the development of environmentally friendly products. As part of this effort, we have also developed soft sheets and films (soft transparent olefin sheets), which are an alternative to soft PVC, and A-PET multi-layered sheets and films, which are an alternative to hard PVC.
Leveraging our strength of enabling integrated production from these eco-friendly materials, welding/sealing to final packaging, we have actively been developing plastics bags (welded products) and stationery goods. Welding has grown into a business that has earned deep trust with a proven record in both quality and quantity in the Japanese market.

Stationery and toiletry related
Automatic high-frequency welder
Bag making (high-frequency welding) factory floor
Automated work line